Frank James: My Green Conscience

If you read “Building a Sustainable Future Requires More than Science” you know that we need multiple efforts on different levels to create a sustainable future.  Specifically, individuals need to make important behavior changes that many are reluctant to make.  One alternative approach to addressing this issue involves art.  Art can make viewers think outside their comfort zones and look at things in a new light.

This is exactly what Frank James does.  She combines science, art, and storytelling to create inspiring works that encourage viewers to think about their impacts on the planet.  Her visual essays highlight major environmental and social challenges.  You can view some of her visual essays online including titles such as:

  • No one will know, except you”- James highlights how we often don’t act on our environmental beliefs because no one will know that we are not in many situations.  When does your green conscious bother you?
  • Ending the Climate war”- Discusses the US political war on environmental policy and addressing climate change
  • My SUV and Me Say Goodbye”- James and her family make a big step towards living sustainably and give up their SUV


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