provides the opportunity for you to gain international support on a pressing issue that you think needs to be addressed.  Through this platform you can create an online petition, mobilize support, and win change.  Some environmental victories include:

  • “Environmentalist Saves Plastic Bottle Ban In Grand Canyon National Park”– The National Park Service canceled a ban on plastic bottles in the Grand Canyon after Coca Cola expressed concerns.  This petition helped reenact the bottle ban with more than 100,000 signatures.
  • “Jerry Brown Signs Shark Fin Ban Into California Law”– Sharks are important parts of our ocean ecosystems, and the cruel shark fin industry currently threatens their populations.  The Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance produced this petition to ban the practice of shark finning in California. After 28,000 signatures on the petition, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 376 into law, ending the sale, distribution, and possession of shark fins in California.
  • “Protect Chicago from Coal Pollution, Shut Down the Fisk and Crawford Plants”– Citizen activists petitioned Edison International for ten years, calling for them to shut down the Fisk and Crawford coal plants in Chicago. Efforts from Greenpeace, the Clean Power Coalition, and finally made it happen.  Now Chicago’s air will be a little bit cleaner.

Check out some of the current environmental causes and petitions you can sign here.

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