Green Building Trends for 2012

Earth Advantage Institute, a nonprofit green building resource, compiled a list of green building trends to watch in 2012.   The institute determined these trends in late 2011 after discussions with a broad range of sectors including policymakers, architects, homeowners and more.

Sean Penrith, Earth Advantage Institute’s executive director, said:

While the economy has not been kind to most new home builders, we have seen a surging interest in home energy management and energy improvement among homeowners. Those builders and remodelers who have adopted a transparent green message have been quite successful.


The trends include increased:

  • Smart grid-compatible high-performance homes
  • Broader adoption of residential energy ratings for homes
  • More accurate appraisals
  • Transparency in home marketing
  • Energy education for commercial tenants
  • Consumer friendly home energy tracking devices
  • Deployment and testing of new materials
  • Energy upgrades start to drive home remodels
  • Green multifamily homes
  • Urban density

To read more about these green building techniques and read the full article click here.

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