Without us on Earth, what traces of us would linger? What would disappear?

Alan Wisman’s “The World Without Us” is on my list of books to read this summer, as it is long overdue.

But for now I can enjoy his interactive website which presents his predictions on the progression of the planet if humans should disappear.  You can scroll over each time period to see examples of what could happen. For example:

  • 2 days after humans disappear: “Without pumping, New York’s subways would impassably flood.”
  • In 20 years: “The Panama Canal will have closed, reuniting the Americas. Common garden vegetables will have reverted to unpalatable wild strains.”
  • In 100 years: “With no ivory trade, half a million remaining elephants increase twenty-fold.”

Explore our planet’s potential future on Alan Wisman’s website.

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