Portfolio: Graphic Design & Art

I find design and art soothing. I have been creating things ever since I was little and I come from a very artistic family. When I was in high school I joined our school newspaper, The Harbinger. My junior year I became the Arts & Entertainment Editor and senior year I was promoted to a Managing Editor. It was in our journalism room that I began my journey in graphic design; I became very familiar with InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

In college my skills helped me in various ways; I helped design T-shirts and banners for our sorority, flyers for various clubs I participated in, and a website for one of my professors. But it was in my internships that my abilities really got put to use. At the Alliance for Affordable Energy I designed their 2010 annual report and helped enhance their overall graphic design and social media outreach.  I assisted with various graphic design projects while working at LifeCity, and one of my responsibilities was creating and designing the Manual of Operations.

Now, I use art as my escape and to help those who need it.  When I lived in Arkansas I provided graphic design support for Women and Children First, the state’s largest shelter for women. I also provide assistance when I can on Skills for Change by Sparked, a site that helps connect nonprofits to digital volunteers. And when requested, I will always help my friends and family with their various wedding invitations, save the dates, or baby shower announcements.

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